Material Tests

Mobil Kuzel-calorimeter     diagramm     precession balance


The right test methode -> will save time and money.

A new process to determine the activity of silicate in raw materials is possible. You get an
insight about CSH developement and about the raw material quality after 24 hours. The common
OPC-test with gran. blast furnace slag [gbfs], flyash [FA], microsilica etc. takes 28 or 56 days.

Another new test process causes alkali-aggregate reaction / alkali-silica Reaction [AAR/ASR].
Within a few weeks time the AAR / ASR takes place at 23°C / 50% r.h., so this method can support
traditional testings to generate fast results. AAR/ASR causes cracks in concrete material.

For scanning the heat flow of hydration reactions a mobile Kuzel Calorimeter together with a mobile
0,1 mg precession scale is available. Simultaneous measurements of the hydration reaction with a
Kuzel Calorimeter and a X-ray powder diffraction are advantageous.

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