Material Damage

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Material or product damages ---> look sometimes obviously unsolveable. I would like to
support you by the enlightenment and prevention of damages. Frequently a material or
product damage is caused by a raw material change, a mixing error, a raw material
change by time, a false handling etc..

A variety of damages are known, f.ex. different types of cracks, increased shrinkage, massive
expansion, efflorescence, reduction of material resistance by phase transformation or loos of
shelf life stability of the powder product etc..

Some wellknown damages are:

  • "Decay of concrete railway sleepers " - By lack of knowledge of temperature depending stability
    of ettringite, concrete railway sleepers had been stored directly after production at a
    temperature > 70°C. So the reaction was halfway stopped and Kuzelite, known also as monosulfate
    instead of ettringite (threesulfate) developed and after a few years, about 1980 the uncomplete
    hydrated concrete, being already in use, showed decay. Nevertheless the decay of of concrete
    railway sleepers happened in East and West Germany isochronic, but independent of each other.

  • "Alkali-Aggregate-Reaction [AAR]"
    I would make a proposal, to use also a time time method and technique or formulation
    being already in place for testing to stop or prevent AAR.
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