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Developement of Dry Mix Mortar products.

A cementitious drainage-grout without soluble Ca-Ions with less than 50% cost of a conventional
joint filler is waiting for production and sale. No portlandite, the so called Ca(OH)2 locks the capillar
porosity by carbonation, so no retained water is there freezing in wintertime to destroy the concrete
by frost movements. Also there is no film formation as known by adhesive mortar. The stability of
temperature is about more than 250°C, because no Ettringite is withhin the system.

Dry mix mortar for selflevelling flooring with high compressive strength, approx. 30 minutes pot-life,
with a minimum thickness of 6 mm and intensive coloring is walkable after 4 hours, corresponding to
clients wishes. The formulation took 3 years work. No epoxy is added to the formulation.

OPC, OPC clinker, HAC, phosphate cement,liquid potassium silicate, pozzolan or alternative raw
materials are my tools for special products.
New options arise from an accurate controlled hydratation, silification, acid-base reaction or by
use of crystaline phases, being ignored up to now.

A high resistant joint filler for drinking water aera was formulated by me 2001.
The product is commerially available and not only in Germany.

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