Portland Cement Application



By the slogan ,,with enough will power everything is possible" (Arthur Schopenhauer 1819)
I will work out formulations for you concerning construction chemistry products.

A construction chemistry formulation is equal to a clockwork, consisting of precise components
and a unique adjusting the chemical reactions of the main components and the additives.

Construction Chemistry starts with knowledge about Ettringite and calciumsilicatehydrate-gel.
Crystalisation of Ettringite can happen spontaneous or controlled or reduced.
The chemical equilibrium [Le Chatelier], the raw material, the finess, the concentration,
pH, temperature, water/cement-proportion and the additives for the expected product feature
are of influence and importance.The fineness of rawmaterial affects the solubility,
the Gibbsch energy of nucleus growth or solution.

The breakup of the Ettringite coating around the cement grain at the end of the induction
period leads to a controlled Ettringite crystalisation (scorching) which takes place within
the area of released heat of reaction at a calorimetric diagram.

The main phases of cement hydration beside Ettringite are Portlandite and CSH-gel.
For analytical support you use XRD, XRF, Cilas and calorimetry, depending of the job.

To receive best results developing concrete, you work with the concrete volume calculation.
If you get all information you can formulate SCC with aggregate maximum 2 mm [RPC] up to 32mm [UHPC].

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